RLC Church Picnic This Sunday August 18th and Monroe event on Sept 8!

 RLC family picnic Sunday The 18th
Verona Campus

Join us for the RLC family picnic on Sunday, August 18th, held at the Verona campus.  There will be food, bean bag tournaments, bingo, bouncy house, an ice cream truck and more! The fun begins right after the 9:00 am worship service. Bring as many people as you’d like to!

Invite as many people as you’d like to!

Food - Music - Games - Fun for All


September 8 in Monroe

Mark your calendar for Sunday, September 8 and join us for food, fun and fellowship after 10:30 worship.  Bring your lawn chairs and a hefty appetite! Invite your friends!  Postcards are available in the back of church to hand out. For first-timers, bring your items for the “can” on Saturday, September 7 so we can assemble everything and begin cooking early Sunday.  Suggested items for vegetables:  potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, squash, sweet corn, broccoli and cauliflower.  Suggested Meat: wieners, brats, sausage, bologna or any other meat with casing.  Bring a salad or your favorite dessert.  Plan on eating at 12:00 noon. 


Remember You may attend both events - It is a great way to meet fellow members from the two campuses.



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