We`re looking for a logo design!
What we`re looking for in a logo design:

Concept: A design that references who are as a church, use your experiences with the church for inspiration. Other directions to get you going; a logo representing the name "Resurrection", outreach, or something representing the 4 campus.

Design: Less is more, try a minimalist approach. The logo will be printed at minimum an inch small, so some detail is good, but too much will get lost.

Color: Choose 2 or 3 colors in the logo, preferably a bold and bright color and a contrasting neutral color to compliment it.

1. What does the church stand for?
    - This would be the mission statement

2. Why was the church named "Resurrection"?

3. What`s specific about this church?
    - What sets us apart from the other churches?
    - Anything we do different?

4. What`s the churches personality?
    - Give a handful of adjectives that would best describe the church


Ken Note: Thanks to all who corrected my spelling... as you can see my logo is now corrrrrrrrect....

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