Announcements & Upcoming Events


Anything you would like included in the July newsletter must be submitted to Kathy at by end of day Tuesday, July 16th.


If you’ve been volunteering at either the Monroe or Verona campus, make sure to put July 21st at 6:00pm in Verona on your calendar!

Stay tuned…. You won’t want to miss this!


As the summer blazes on, the school year is fast approaching.  This year Pastor Ewings is looking to visit with the families of all our seventh and eighth graders before confirmation class begins.  Please contact Pastor Ewings if your child is ready for confirmation class this year.  Call (608) 535-6531 or email


July 25-27 in the Verona Fellowship Hall ~ 8:00am - Noon

Volunteers are needed to help with:

Set-up, operating and clean up for the event. Please contact Kate Neitzel or Paulette Janikowski if you are able to assist with any of these activities.

Volunteer Teams:

July 22-24: Clean, set up and arrange items in fellowship hall.

July 25-27: Help with questions, transactions, loading of items, and keep room clean.

July 27: Remaining items will be taken to Twice as Nice for donation, one or more larger vehicles required for transportation.


Sure, you’ve sung some Psalms here and there… you might recognize the book of Psalms as the longest book in the Bible… but do you know about the hidden gems??  There are plenty of Psalms that point directly to Jesus!  In fact, Psalm references appear OVER 400 TIMES in the New Testament!  Luther called the Psalms a “miniature Bible”.   Join us each Thursday to skip the surface and dive deep!  Even if you miss a session or two you can hop back in and not be behind.  Please join us when you can to see our Savior in the Psalms!


Swimming Upstream
Counter-Cultural Moments for Christians to Cling To

A Christian’s life just looks… different. Some call it “backwards”, some say we just don’t get it. Why is that the case?

First, we acknowledge that God speaks in his Word, and that alone drives us to follow, yes, but others have different ideas. God has recorded several instances in Scripture where faithful people have trampled the trendy trail in favor of God`s racious way.

Starting June30th we will be Swimming Upstream for six weeks to hear what the world would have us do and then see what God tells us is the truth! Be strengthened to live differently in the best way possible!


During the summer months, the book club reads books that have been made into movies.
We will watch the movie and have a discussion following. We meet at 6:00 pm in
the youth room in Verona.

July 23: My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier
August 28: Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Summer Bible Study Monroe!

Bible study will continue at our Monroe campus through the summer.  Join us for a shortened Bible study beginning at 9:30 (note the time change!).  We will go through Very Important Chapters of the Bible with a different chapter each week. 

See you there!


We have many different denominations of Kwik Trip cards on hand for all your travel needs.  Plus, if you make a purchase inside a Kwik Trip store, we get an additional 10% back for our youth group.  The money is used to send teens to the youth rally.  The youth group has also used profits to purchase food for the Verona Area Needs Network food pantry.   Please see Denise  Reimer (608) 225-0902 or Katrina Meinel (920) 382-6696 for Kwik Trip cards.


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