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This Week at RLC

Sunday 1/26

9:00am Verona Worship Service & Lord’s Supper
Monroe Adult Bible Study & Sunday School

10:30am Monroe Worship Service & Lord’s Supper
Verona Adult Bible Study, Sunday School & Teen Bible Study

Noon Congregational Meeting & Potluck - both sites


5:30pm Bible 101 - Monroe
7:00pm Monroe Worship Service


6:00am Men’s Bible Study - Verona
6:00pm Prison Ministry


6:00pm Verona - Catechism & Adult Catechism


6:30pm Verona Worship Service
7:30pm Verona Bible Study & Bible 101

Sunday 2/2

9:00am Verona Worship Service
Monroe Adult Bible Study & Sunday School

10:30am Monroe Worship Service
Verona Adult Bible Study, Sunday School & Teen Bible Study

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Announcements & Upcoming Events


Held on January 26, beginning at noon. Technology will be used to connect both sites. A potluck meal will be served at both sites. In Verona there is a signup sheet where you can indicate what you’ll be bringing if you plan on attending the meeting in Verona.

In Monroe there will be a traditional potluck. If you have any questions, please contact
Jean Schoenike at 608-558-0409.

VBS 2020

We will hold the first VBS Planning Team meeting on Tuesday, February 4th, 6:30pm at the Verona site. This meeting is for anyone interested in serving on the team planning this year’s VBS events at both sites. For more information, contact Ellen Andrews at ellen.andrews@wisc.edu.


The next meeting will be Monday, January 27 at 1:00pm in Verona. The group’s focus will be on building community, increasing coping skills and moving forward. If you are interested in joining, contact Kathleen Harwood at Kathleen@inthemomenttherapy.com.


It is time for the annual skiing/snowboarding trip at Tyrol Basin! Whether you are a newbie to skiing/snowboarding or have lots of experience on the slopes, please join us on Friday, February 7th at Tyrol from 7:00-11:00pm. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, we’ll have snacks and a bonfire! It’s $23 ($18 lift ticket = $5 rental) for adults and $20 ($15 lift ticket + $5 rental) for kids under 12. All kids have to be accompanied by an adult supervisor. Please sign up on the bulletin board by January 23rd! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Questions? Contact Grace Meinel at godsgracealone04@gmail.com or 920-306-1188.


        Meets Wednesday, February 19
        6:30pm in Verona

               • Carnegie’s Maid
                  by Marie Benedict


Looking for a way to help serve the Lord and Resurrection? We are in need of additional ushers for the Thursday evening services in Verona. You would have to usher one Thursday a month. If you are interested, or for more information, contact Jeff Hartmann at jeffer2@hotmail.com or Gene Cate at gene@catemachine.com.


Sign-up sheets are out for the Spring Sessions of Vine & Branches! Check the various groups and join one that works for your schedule. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy fun and fellowship with other RLC members and dig deeper into the sermons as a group. Deadline to sign up is January 26th.


We are looking to put together a social media team to keep Facebook, website, and any other social media up to date with current events. If you are interested in serving in that capacity, please contact Casey Smith, Outreach Chairman at (262) 685-7597 or outreach@rlcverona.com.

Thank you from your Ministry Coordinator for the sweet treat and gift card. It’s a pleasure working with you on the many projects and events that RLC uses to spread the love of Jesus, and  I look forward to continuing to do so.


The synod office will be discontinuing the bulletin inserts for the monthly WELS Connection Video. Instead, you will find that information in the redesigned Forward in Christ, the official magazine of WELS.

Pick up a copy from the display on the table & find real faith stories, enriching discussions, and Biblical insights. See how God’s Word is at work in all corners of our synod.

You can subscribe at https://online.nph.net/forwardinchrist.html and read it on the go!

For more information, check out the website: forwardinchrist.net


Is there church if weather is bad?

If weather is bad, be safe. Stay home if you don’t feel safe coming to church. We do not cancel church for bad weather. Pastors can make it to the church and will do so. Be safe. Stay home if you don’t feel safe coming to church.

If you have a duty that day, such as ushering, greeting, bringing treats, we can cover it. And there will probably be less of a need in bad weather.

Be safe. Stay home if you don’t feel safe coming to church.

Watch and/or read the sermon at www.rlcverona.org if you can’t make it to church.


We have posted an Opportunity List on the bulletin board showing the various ways you can serve Jesus here at the Verona campus. If you are able to help in this way, we’d love to have you join us. For more information, contact the person indicated for each category, or call the church office at (608) 848-4965, or email Kathy at ministrycoordinator@rlcverona.com.


We have many different denominations of Kwik Trip cards on hand for all your travel needs. Plus, if you make a purchase inside a Kwik Trip store, we get an additional 10% back for our youth group. The money is used to send teens to the youth rally. The youth group has also used profits to purchase food for the Badger Prairie Needs Network food pantry. Please see Denise Reimer (608) 225-0902 or Katrina Meinel (920) 382-6696 for Kwik Trip cards.


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Bible 101

Begins in January! Classes are scheduled at both sites, and meet for about 1 hour.
All are welcome! Free child care is available.


Thursday Nights at 7:30 PM
 6705 Wesner Road - Verona



Monday Nights at 5:30
1603 16th Avenue - Monroe


Contact Pastor Strutz at 608.515.4334

This is a no cost, no obligation  basic Bible information course and will give participants a solid, foundational understanding of God’s Word. Classes meet for about one hour.

Classes will be held at both Monroe and Verona campuses, and meet for about one hour.

Additional class times can be scheduled at your convenience.
  • Session one - Can I be sure I’m going to heaven?
  • Session Two - Do I need Jesus?
  • Session Three - Does Jesus love me?
  • Session Four - How can I believe in Jesus?
  • Session Five - How do good works fit in?

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11th annual Men of His Word National Conference
Can you believe it?  This will be our 11th annual Men of His Word National Conference. Thank you for your prayers and support!  God has richly blessed this conference, growing it from 200 in 2010 to a sell-out conference of 650 attendees last year (2019).   Our maximum number has increased to 700 attendees this year – Wouldn’t it be great to fill the Oshkosh Convention Center to capacity AGAIN?

The Men of His Word team is excited to announce our 2020 Conference:

7:15 AM – 3:30 PM
Saturday, February 8, 2020
Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel and Convention Center
1 N. Main Street in Oshkosh, WI


·       A day spent worshiping God and bonding with our Christian brothers

  • David Scharf, Professor of Theology at Martin Luther College (and a contributor for Time of Grace Ministries) will be the keynote speaker.
  • Koine’ will lead us in song worship.
  • 17 heart-hitting, soul-searching sessions based on God’s Word
  • Continental breakfast and buffet lunch
  • Same flexible schedule as last year with multiple/staggered lunch times
·       Improved/Updated website and online registration:

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Watch for next events...

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We Need A File jsut one but Fire proof
The church is in need of a filing cabinets.   The UW resale store may be a good source.
 Here is what we are looking for:

- one fireproof cabinet - either 4 drawer vertical or 2 drawer lateral for storing permanent church documents and blueprints.

Please contact the church office if you have any questions:  608-848-4965 or ministrycoordinator@rlcverona.com.

Special Note:

If you are interested in helping, we could use someone to look for the above items at the UW Swap shop in Verona. You can do this on any Friday or during the week using our non profit status. We would need a way to transport the items to the church...

The link is here https://swap.wisc.edu/


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The Sermons & Service Videos

Found on our website, from here you can view the video of last weeks sermon. Scroll down to download PDF`s of the text of the current and previous sermons...

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Pathways to Christ Retreat
Dear Sister in Christ, 

The committee for the 2020 Pathways to Christ Retreat, welcomes you to join us on March 13-15 at LaSure’s Hall in Oshkosh.  Our theme for the retreat will focus on Prov. 17:17, “A Friend Loves At All Times”.  Please visit our website for more detailed information.    https://pathwaystochrist.org/.

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NEW LINK - Forward In Christ...

About Forward in Christ

“May the LORD our God be with us as he was with our ancestors; may he never leave us nor forsake us” (1 Kings 8:57).

Forward in Christ is the official magazine of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Printed monthly, this magazine addresses important issues facing Christians today.


Forward in Christ magazine
N16W23377 Stone Ridge Dr
Waukesha, WI 53188

Phone: 414-256-3210

This is a permanent link to the current Forward in Christ...

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Youth Group

Youth Group Scrip Cards NOW ON HAND!


We have many different denominations of Kwik Trip cards on hand for all your travel needs.  Plus, if you make a purchase inside a Kwik Trip store, we get an additional 10% back for our youth group.  The money is used to send teens to the youth rally.  The youth group has also used profits to purchase food for the Verona Area Needs Network food pantry.   Please see Denise  Reimer (608) 225-0902 or Katrina Meinel (920) 382-6696 for Kwik Trip cards.

If anyone from RLC Monroe is interested in purchasing cards, please e-mail Denise at reimer1@charter.net. The youth group thanks you in advance for your support!

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A Daily Devotion From WELS.net (changes daily)
Start each week day with a short Bible reading, devotion, and prayer. Monday through Friday a devotion is provided by WELS and WhatAboutJesus.com. Missed your daily devotion? Browse the archive, which has several months` worth of devotions to uplift and encourage you with the Word.   ...more

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Wels.net Media Page....
This is a link to several on line media offering for the Wels...


Here you will find links to:

Together Newsletter...
Forward in Christ...
Ministry Newsletter...
as well as blogs, the Wels Connection
and images you can use...


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Vicar Notes 2019!!! They grow up so fast....
Jacob & Megan Haag

Good talking to you today.  Sorry this is woefully late.  Here is a summary:

Megan and I had a whirlwind year of traveling in 2018!  We enjoyed the encouragement from the Grow in Grace retreat in San Antonio in the spring and traveled to England and Germany for vacation at the end of the summer.  England had been a dream trip for Megan, and I was able to show her the seminary where I studied in Germany.  To get out into the community more, I joined a community choir which toured to Washington D.C. in the spring and sung with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra this past December and January.  Megan still works as the office administrator at a water environmental engineering firm in Ann Arbor.  We are expecting our first child, a daughter, in early June!  That good news has been paired with more difficult times as Megan`s grandmother passed away in November and in December my mother`s cancer that begun during my vicar year has return and spread.  In all things, we cling to God`s gracious promises.

We have really enjoyed our new church renovation for the past year and a half.  I attended the Multi-Site Conference Pastor Strutz organized this past year, and we have begun discussions with two neighboring churches for the potential of increased ministry and outreach.  I am excited and hopeful we can get something accomplished.  I started a food drive canvas this past summer to support public housing near our church, and we had a great response from our neighborhood.  We are planning on keeping that as a yearly outreach event.  Although we are doing more outreach, unfortunately God has not blessed those efforts yet with more people joining our church through Bible 101.  However, God does seem to be blessing our campus ministry efforts at Michigan.  We are receiving synodical subsidy through the campus ministry committee, and our core group of students has almost tripled in four years.  This past summer I began a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program with a focus on preaching, along with some electives in New Testament.  I have enjoyed the chance to get back to the classroom while still serving as a pastor.  It brings me so much joy to hear all the blessings that have happened in Verona, Mt. Horeb, and Monroe since my time with you.  God`s continued blessings to you at RLC!

 Jacob & Megan Haag

Happy New Year!

Tim and Carissa Priewe

Carissa teaches first and second grade at Loving Shepherd in Milwaukee, where I am also serving as a senior vicar during my last year of seminary. This was my home congregation growing up and we are living about 6 blocks from my childhood home. I get to preach about once a month, and have started a youth group. My Senior Thesis paper is basically wrapped up and now we are waiting for Call Day and Graduation. I`m also scheduled to go on an archaeological dig in Israel this June.

The end of 2018 was sort of a whirlwind. My mom died from the cancer she had been battle for about 4 years on September 4th. Her mom, my Grandma, followed her this morning, as I write. She took a fall on New Year`s Eve Day, and I was the one to find her conked out on the floor. She went through hip surgery at age 90 and the surgery seemed to be successful. But after a miserable first day of recovery, she said she couldn`t take it, and then soon later she went into  a deep sleep for basically a whole day before she died early this morning, January 7th. Our joy to see Grandma go home to heaven is far less than our sorrow.

All things considered, I guess we are hanging in there.

I was ecstatic to hear about Christmas at Resurrection and to see the article in Forward in Christ. It was a privilege and joy to be in the middle of it with all of you at Resurrection Verona and Monroe. God`s blessings as you keep it going!

Love, Tim and Carissa Priewe 

Here`s an update from the Free Family:

God has been very good to our family. Our oldest son Clay is now 4 1/2, and will be starting Kindergarten next year. Our next son Aaron will turn 2 in July, and enjoys rough housing with his brother and dad. But the 3 Free boys will have to learn to be a little more gentle come May of 2019, because that is when we look forward to meeting a Free baby girl! Kristin and the baby are both doing well, and your prayers for continued health and blessing for mom and baby are greatly appreciated. Everyone is enjoying our Florida life, especially because as I`m writing this update in January, it`s sunny and 80 degrees. (You`re always more than welcome to come down and visit!)

God has also been very good to us at Risen Savior. We recently completed our building project, and the new sanctuary and education wing look amazing. The congregation has officially decided to move forward with a preschool, united behind the mission that the preschool will serve as an outreach arm of the church, connecting these young children and their families to their Savior. Lakewood Ranch is a fast growing community, and as such, there are many opportunities to proclaim Jesus to the people around us. We do that currently through our Mornings with Mommy program, our New Mover Outreach Team, our Community Gospel Share Team, and we look forward to doing that in the Summer of 2019 with our Summer-Long Music Camp. While there are challenges here, we give thanks for the many undeserved blessings God continues to give us at Risen Savior.

RLC will always hold a special place in our hearts. We pray God`s blessings upon the ministry at RLC, and all the great people who are there!

The Free Family

Here`s an update from Melso`s:

Our synod`s mission board must be OK with us sticking around here in Chattanooga, TN for a while seeing as we just purchased a home and moved out of our rental in early December. We`re glad we`re all settled in our new home now since we are expecting a baby this coming March. New baby, new home, new church. I guess we might as well try all of it at once.

Living Hope continues to be blessed by God. We got to welcome 35 members to the Living Hope family on December 9. We called it our member commissioning service. About half of those members were our WELS core group and the other half are people we`ve met from all different backgrounds here in Chatt. We`ve got Bible Information Classes continuing with a handful of others and some prospects who continue to attend very faithfully. Just about every week now we see a new face come check out our worship at the Regal Cinemas movie theater. All we can do is pray that God keeps blessing us exactly how he already has. We look forward to having about 4 different mission teams visit us throughout this next year to help with canvassing and a possible summer camp.

If any are on their way down to a Florida beach please don`t hesitate to contact us, we`d love to see you on your way! You`ll probably pass through Chattanooga. May God bless our shared efforts to reach others with The Good News.

Eric and Jennifer Melso

Ben Phelps

Two weeks later is better than never?

This past May I graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary following being called to serve as pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Kenai Alaska.  Molly, Emma (our one year old daughter), and I and shipped our possessions via U-haul and flew ourselves up in early July.  I was installed and ordained on July 15.  Molly was also called to teach Kindergarten at Grace`s school.  She gladly accepted.  Molly really has a passion and gift for teaching.  The current situation works quite well, Molly teaches in the morning while the principal`s wife watches Emma, then they come home at lunch for the rest of the day.  We are expecting a new addition the family--Ava Louise is due to born on March 30!  We are all overjoyed and eagerly wait for this blessing to arrive.   I have joined some of the local historical societies and have been put on the board of the Soldotna Historical Society.  It is a great way for me to connect and serve in my community while doing something I enjoy.  We are constantly amazed at the wonders of God`s creation here in Alaska.  On a clear day, we can see mountains on three sides.  We live five miles from the Cook Inlet which connects to the Pacific Ocean.  A warm Japanese current keeps the temperatures here very mild.  We frequently see moose in our yard and have been able to see grizzly and black bears in the wild as well as puffins, whales, otters, and seals.  Anyone looking for a vacation destination is encouraged to stay with us, or at least stop by and say hi.

The ministry at Grace is one of great joy and opportunity.  We have a little more than a hundred members in the congregation.  The school has 64 students.  Apart from Molly and myself, there are 4 other workers on staff.  Our current principal has accepted a call and we ask for your prayers as we continue to call a replacement for him. We are the only WELS church on the Kenai Peninsula (which geographically is about 1/6 the size of Wisconsin).  While most members live within a 15-20 mile radius, some members drive an hour and a half one way.  We are currently pursuing an active Bible Information Class program and are witnessing God`s blessing of these efforts.  This summer we will hold our soccer camp with help from Molly`s brother Joe, and students from Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School.  May God continue to bless each one of you and the ministry of Ressurection-Verona and Ressurection-Monroe!

In Him,

Ben Phelps
Pastor at Grace Lutheran Church


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